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Promote diversity and inclusion | Legrand Ghana


Because diversity and inclusion are contributing factors to performance, innovation and wealth, Legrand has focused on ways to promote them for many years.

Our ambition

Legrand’s ambition is to be recognised as a leading player in the area of inclusiveness, embracing and promoting all types of difference.

Fighting against all forms of discrimination

Each Legrand entity is committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination, throughout the world. This commitment includes respect for workplace equality, ethnic representation, integration of people with disabilities, intergenerational collaboration, social and cultural diversity, and inclusion of LGBT+ people. 2024 TARGET Achieve a level of 80% of the workforce working at an entity holding the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ label


Encouraging gender-diversity at work

With a firm belief that workplace gender-diversity improves the performance of both employees and the company as a whole, Legrand promotes diversity throughout the company. It is the Group’s aim to guarantee equal employment conditions for women and men. It particularly encourages the opening up of management positions to women and works to promote their access to key positions in the company. 2024 TARGET Achieve a level of 30% of management positions filled by women


Promoting diversity in employee profiles

Because the company’s richness is based on its employees, Legrand seeks to diversify the profiles of the talents who support its growth. In particular, the Group aims to attract the young generations and offer them new opportunities. 2024 TARGET Offer 4,000 new opportunities to Early-in-careers each year