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Wiring Devices 18/04/2024

The Impact of Design on User Experience

Power Distribution 05/04/2024

What is the difference between enclosure and cabinet?

What difference between a cabinet and an enclosure? Let's take a moment to address this question clearly!In electrical discussions, there is often confusion about when to use "enclosure" versus "cabinet."Are these terms interchangeable, referring to the same thing, or do they signify different electrical items?…

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Energy Efficiency 26/03/2024

What are the most common energy efficiency certificates?

Energy Saving Certificates  are rewards given to companies that implement effective measures to reduce their energy consumption. These certificates not only accredit efforts to improve energy efficiency but also highlight commitment to environmental sustainability. In a global context focused on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices, are of paramount…

Energy Efficiency 26/03/2024

What is the PEP (Product Environmental Profile)?

PEP (Product Environmental Profile) is a Type III quantitative environmental declaration in compliance with ISO 14025. This profile applies specifically to electrical, electronic and air conditioning (HVAC-R) products. Through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the PEP provides reliable information on the environmental impact of a product, considering multiple criteria…

Energy Efficiency 26/03/2024

How to Control Energy Consumption at Home

Saving energy at home is essential to reduce costs, protect the environment and contribute to the general welfare. Here is a guide with practical tips to control and reduce energy consumption in your home.

Electrical safety 15/02/2024

What is the purpose of an uninterruptible power supply?

Not only can uninterruptible power supplies continue to power home devices even when there is a power failure, but they are also useful for providing stability to the current being delivered to sensitive appliances.

Data Center Solutions
Data Center 01/01/2024

5 trends in data center technology

As technology advances quickly, data centers are changing to meet the growing need for speed, efficiency, and durability.The past decade has witnessed a remarkable…

Electrical Safety Legrand
Electrical safety 29/11/2023

The Importance of Electrical Safety with Legrand