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Synergy | Legrand Ghana

Synergy A Good Fit

Whatever the application, residential or commercial, Synergy offers a great blend of style, choice and functionality, together with countless features designed to make the installer’s life easier. Form and function in perfect harmony.


Boasting a complete range

Synergy is designed to fit your preferences right from its inception a decade ago. Synergy gives you a wide choice of solutions, consisting of 4 ranges, for today's demanding markets.  

A versatile and timeless, Synergy White is defined by a perfect harmony of form and functions. 

Its all-metal appeal places Synergy Authentic in a class of its own: its comprehensive features and superior quality are truly authentic. 

Complementary slim profile, clean outline with no visible screws, cold and warm tones as well as glossy and brushed surfaces characterise Synergy Sleek Design. 

Known for its durability and reliability, Synergy Metalclad is an all-weather series. 


Coupled with​ Enduring​ Functions​

Synergy is a considerate line that provides more than just the bare necessities. Synergy offers new functions to meet your safety and energy efficiency goals while keeping up with your contemporary lifestyles. ​

The universal dimmer, for example, enables you to manage the entire energy saving potential of contemporary loads by dimming incandescent and halogen lighting as well as dimmable LEDs. ​

The USB charger's low energy usage ensures that you may comfortably charge your electronic devices whenever you wish.​


RCD Sockets

Our RCD sockets provide you with enhanced safety. Available in both ELO and ELR modes, the RCD sockets protect you against hazardous situations while keeping your important equipment running.



A wide variety is offered by Synergy that can fit well any interior setting and style. Synergy is the deal fit for you in every way, regardless of wether your goal is business, leisure, or a mix of the two. 

Your home serves as your private retreat. Because of this, the Synergy range not only provides you with aesthetically switches but also enhances your comfort and safety with its full features.


Offices & Hotels

You should complete tasks in your office. You can focus on being productive because of the Synergy range's bold, clean lines, which reduce distractions.

You want to feel welcomed and indulged at hotels. The Synergy line offers specialized hotels specific features that guarantee a seamless, comprehensive experience. This means that for installers, one range will fit everyone.


Complete with Easy and Safe Handling

Compact, Simple & Safe.

Synergy is more than just an aesthetically pleasing and functionally convenient range. The carefully engineered mechanism also makes this British standard monobloc range a breeze to install and handle. What’s more? And the quality that is uniquely Synergy means installers can simply fit and forget. 


Synergy wiring accessories from Legrand

Synergy offers a great blend of style, choice and functionality, together with countless features designed.

Although times may have changed and needs may have become more complex, there is no doubt that Synergy continues to be a good fit.