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MCBs ACBs and MCCBs Solutions | Legrand Ghana

Electrical protection

An extensive offer of 2 to 6300 A circuit breakers, for protecting people and property effectively, which can incorporate measurement units and numerous accessories.

DMX³: ACBs up to 6300 A

DMX³: ACBs up to 6300 A

With different power ratings (from 630 A to 6300 A), breaking capacities (42 kA, 50 kA, 65 kA and 100 kA) and 4 sizes (fixed or draw-out version), DMX³ air circuit breakers and DMX³-I isolating switches offer great flexibility and are suitable for all requirements.

The overall circuit breaker dimensions also ensure optimised use of space inside the distribution board.

In addition, its unique depth common to sizes 2500, 4000 and 6300 simplifies enclosure configuration and busbar connection.



Reliable protection and accurate measurement up to 1600 A

For all types of site, the DPX³ range includes 4 sizes of MCCB, for ratings between 16 A and 1600 A and breaking capacities ranging from 16 to 100 kA. It also offers a wide choice of versions to suit all requirements:

  •  Thermal-magnetic or electronic releases according to the required level of protection
  • Fixed, draw-out and plug-in devices according to the required level of maintenance.
DRX and DRX-HP thermal magnetic MCCBs

DRX and DRX-HP thermal magnetic MCCBs

From 15 to 250 A

Designed to work in any type of environment (temperature conditions between - 25° C and + 70° C and tropicalisation execution II), the DRX range of thermal magnetic circuit breakers and DRX-I trip-free switches have been designed to meet your essential needs in terms of protecting an electrical installation up to 250 A.
The range is available in 3-pole and 4-pole versions with several breaking capacities from 10 kA to 36 kA.

Power and protection for the most complex spaces


DPX³ 125 HP / 250 HP / 630 and 1600

The right protection for high performance installations