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Incara | Legrand Ghana

Incara: diversity, efficiency, comfort and fast connection

Incara is a range of functional, ergonomic wiring devices dedicated to any modern, flexible workspace, from office to hotel, café, airport or any other shared working environment.


Multi-functional, easy to install and designed for simplicity of operation

The range is designed with the professional installer and the end user in mind, for simple installation, setup and operation. Incara can be integrated into all types of furniture seamlessly, so end users can get on with their daily lives. Legrand, the leading manufacturer of wiring accessories, brings all its know-how, quality assurance and a wide range of functions and finishes which allow many elements of Incara to be customised upon request. In timeless shades or vibrant colours, Incara’s attractive, modern finishes lend a touch of class to any space.

Incara Disq 60

Incara Disq 60

Recharge anywhere, at any time

Based on a standard 60 mm cut-out, it can be fixed both horizontally and vertically in a surface (patented Legrand system), even thin ones (1 mm min). 

Essential functions: 2P+E sockets or 15 W USB A+C charger to meet the connection needs of mobile users quickly and easily. Finishes: Black, white, metal. Colours: Available on request (selection possible in the pCon software).


Disq 80

Disq 80

Essential functions for mobile users

Product designed to blend in seamlessly with any office furniture. The flush socket (patented Legrand system) is both attractive and easy to clean.

Essential functions: 2P+E sockets, 15 W USB A+C charger and RJ 45 Cat. 6 UTP socket or cable outlet to meet the connection needs of mobile users quickly and easily



Elegance and speed of installation

They enhance your work space or your meeting room. Users are provided with the essential functions to power their devices.

The innovative quick-fixing system saves a great deal of installation time (Legrand patented system). No tools required.

Available on request in 2, 3 and 4-gang versions pre-equipped with power sockets, USB A+C charger, HDMI socket. Other versions available in preconfigured version.



Attractive appearance and easy to use

Pop-ups provide real ease of use and quick connection for mobile devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, audio and video systems, etc. Users have a choice of both power and data connections within easy reach.

Available in 4, 2 x 4 and 8-module versions to be equipped or pre‑equipped with power or data Arteor functions. 4-module pop-ups are also available in a version with integral wireless power charger.



A configuration for every situation

Incara Multilink is a totally modular solution for distributing power and data, flush-mounted in the furniture or partitions.

Preconfigured products, available on request in version for furniture or for dry partitions. Option of choosing the length (up to 28 modules) and functions. Can take a number of functions available in the Arteor range such as: 2P+E power sockets, RJ 45 data sockets, USB A+C chargers, HDMI sockets



The premium solution for meeting rooms

Flip-up is the premium solution for meeting rooms with its elegant and crisp appearance. Sockets fit discreetly under its cover, even with your devices plugged in.

With its simple push-to-open mechanism, the cover slides inside the product and the socket unit rises up (patented Legrand system). Access to the sockets is on both sides, making it an ideal solution for meeting rooms.

Top Access

Top Access

The essential solution for meeting rooms

Top Access enables discreet, easy storage for multi‑outlet blocks and can also accommodate chargers and wires.

With its integral basket, Incara Top Access can accommodate and conceal all electrification solutions. To ensure soft closing, the cover is fitted with a damper.



Unique design for unique environments

Incara Electr’On will surprise you with its original design and its high-quality materials such as wood and concrete, as well as the vintage style, fabric braided cable and Legrand signature label. The finishes can be easily changed over time as desired (Legrand patented system).

Available in a 1-gang version, equipped with a power socket or a USB A+C charger, or a 2-gang version with two power sockets or one power socket and a USB A+C charger.



Mobile and scalable

Link’On, the compact, ready-to-use, mobile solution which can supply up to 6 users with power directly on the meeting table.

Incara Link’On is a unique installation solution, ideally suited to the specific connection needs of mobile users in meeting rooms. Available in several versions: - 6 x 2P+E sockets - 4 x 2P+E sockets and 2 USB A+C chargers, with or without an integral HDMI cable


Flexibility in combination of functions

The Incara line can be equipped with many of the features available in the Mosaic range: HDMI, USB, power sockets, etc.

Pop-ups can take a wide range of functions available in the Moisac range, thus complying with specifically requirements, such as fast charging of portable devices. Arteor 30 W USB Type-C power delivery chargers are specifically designed to charge all devices even faster! They can optimise charging by automatically selecting the most suitable voltage for the device battery.


Configured solutions

If you have a project to fit out an office or incorporate electrical accessories into office furniture and you are a professional working in the office furniture sector (architect, space planner, distributor, etc.), you can access the Legrand catalogue and configure all the Incara products easily yourself:

  • Simply choose your product, the functions you require and the finish that matches your furniture.
  • You will then receive the OFML files, a visual representation of your configuration and a detailed quote instantly.
  • You will also find the relevant product data sheets, installation guides, brochures and videos.
  • Colours selection possible in pCon software


An inspiring range of power solutions for the workspace


International E-catalog

Consult the technical characteristics of our products. Search by product code, name and category. (consult with your commercial advisor for stock availability).