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Power and data distribution through the floor | Legrand Ghana

Power and data distribution through the floor

Data center

The Soluflex floor system

The Soluflex cable floor system is a raised access floor, a cabling system and a connection technology all in one. It integrates seamlessly with floor boxes, Legrand wiring accessories and the LCS³ data system.


Racks and cooling

Electrak electrical distribution busbar trunking systems

A simple solution for distributing power and supplying workstations. The busbar is easily installed using the quick-connect system. Dedicated connectors can quickly supply the various power and data distribution points (floor boxes, desktop multi-outlet extensions, mini columns, etc).


Cablofil wiremesh cable trays

Thanks to Cablofil the cables are visible and permanently accessible to make maintenance operations easier.
Cablofil’s wiremesh structure allows easy insertion of cables at any point along the run.


International E-catalog

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