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The response to growing needs

High fixed costs, ever-increasing fluctuations in occupancy rates, ever more demanding and fussy guests, growing needs for automation… the hotel business is constantly facing wide-ranging challenges. So that the high level of investment required by hotels remains profitable despite these circumstances, Legrand has developed solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and maximise profits by offering services with added value.


Comfort in the room

Offer your guests greater comfort thanks to the right lighting and the right temperature. They will appreciate being able to control the lighting and the shutters easily by means of scenario controllers, which can help them to get over jet lag more easily. And thanks to Legrand thermostats, they can program the desired temperature in order to improve the quality of their sleep.


Multimedia access

Staying in your hotel should be a unique, innovative experience for your guests. So, opt for the Legrand wall-mounting sound system: your guests will wake up gently to the sound of relaxing music. As for our LCS3 structured cabling solutions, they can provide guests with digital video content and IPTV services of excellent quality. Finally, provide the multimedia connections your guests need with our RJ 45, HDMI, USB solutions, etc. They can also easily charge their devices thanks to wireless power chargers!