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Multimedia network | Legrand Ghana

What is the purpose of a communication box?

The communication box is adapted to the new digital uses that require an excellent quality of connection, in Wi-Fi or wired. Thanks to it, you can watch television (HD DTT, cable, satellite) and make phone calls (analogue or digital) with a minimum risk of interference.


A network at full speed!

The communication box also allows you to watch movies on VOD (Video On Demand) or streaming or to play video games on the network at full speed*. All your mobile devices (phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops) will be able to connect easily to Wi-Fi, without any risk of saturation. *Depending on the speed of your service provider.


Interconnected devices

Finally, with the communication box, you can set up a private computer network to connect multimedia devices and computers in the house, download large files quickly, access the printer in every room or share images and videos with a few clicks.