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Altis, Marina 2 and Atlantic industrial cabinets and enclosures | Legrand Ghana

Coffrets armoires industriels Altis, Marina 2 et Atlantic

Every environment has its own dedicated range

Install metal Atlantic in premises that have no special requirements (public buildings, equipment rooms, etc) and stainless steel Atlantic in corrosive environments (chemical industries, paper mills, etc) or where strict hygiene is required (kitchens, laboratories, etc). Choose Marina 2 for corrosive environments and sites subject to stringent climate requirements: petrochemical industry, outdoor car parks, etc. Opt for Altis in commercial and industrial premises such as offices, hospitals, assembly workshops, shared bathrooms, etc.


Atlantic metal & stainless steel cabinets

Guaranteed IK 10 (standard IEC 62262) the Atlantic cabinets offer is available in 3 families to give you the adaptability you need: - IP 55/IP 66 metal Atlantic benefits from numerous ingenious installation features and is very easy to assemble, thanks to a wide range of accessories. - IP 66 stainless steel (304L or 316L) Atlantic has excellent resistance to corrosion and is compatible with numerous metal Atlantic accessories. - IP 66 and 69 food grade stainless steel (304L) Atlantic offers features such as being easier to clean and prevention of dust accumulation: no dead zone or cavity, 30° sloping roof, wall-spacer brackets, etc.


Marina cabinets & enclosures

Designed in fibreglass reinforced polyester, Marina 2 cabinets and enclosures are guaranteed IP 66/IK 10 (standard IEC 62262). Numerous sizes are available for total flexibility of installation to suit your needs: from 1460x800x463 to 1860x800x463 mm for enclosures, and 300x220x160 to 1220x810x300 mm for cabinets. With an RAL 7035 grey finish and equipped with a reversible door, cabinets and enclosures come with dedicated equipment and accessories: base, roof, rails, plain plate, joining or assembly kit, etc.