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Inform | Legrand Ghana

Inform by Legrand


Brand acquired by Legrand in 2010. Inform is one of the European leading power solution specialist and an electrical equipment design & manufacturing company, having a wide product range ; Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS Systems), Voltage Regulators, DC Power Supply, Telecom Equipment, Battery chargers, Inverters, 19’ rack cabinets and other electrical products and electronic equipment.  

Your Solution Partner in Power Electronics and Uninterruptible Pure Energy.
The company’s greatest differentiating factors are its extensive product know-how, design & development capabilities, production abilities and solution provider idendity. Wide and comprehensive product range provides complete solutions of clean & secure energy need to Residential places, Offices, Shops, Hospitals and Public Sectors, Industries, Telecommunication and many other sectors.

Since its foundation, Inform built its strategy on three main policies:

• Total Quality of its products and services,
• Tailored Solutions to specific customer needs,
• Customer satisfaction