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LCS³ cabinets and enclosures | Legrand Ghana


Performance, reliability & scalability

With the development of connected solutions comes an ever-growing need for secure data and secure access, as well as reliability of the infrastructure. VDI enclosures have been designed to adapt to these developments and accommodate increasingly high-performance solutions, both for your small installations and highly critical structures.

Server cabinets

LCS³ 19” cabinet solutions can take all equipment for patching, thus offering global solutions for data networks. They simplify management of cables and cords thanks to their linking interfaces which make it easier to insert cables and maintain the bending radius.

Cabling racks

LCS³ cabling racks are specially designed to satisfy requirements for flexibility and scalability in new installations. These multifunction systems are distinguished by their versatility, their ease of installation and their simplicity of use. The racks are suitable for holding UTP patch panels, glass drawers, telephone panels, switches, routers and other IT equipment. A small number of servers can also be included.