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Busbar Zucchini | Legrand Ghana

Electrical distribution busbar trunking systems

Distribute power and data over large surface areas and distribute electricity or power different loads. Their rigidity means they can withstand heavy mechanical loads while complying with current standards.


Busbar Legrand

Legrand's busbar are the most modern solution for power distribution in installations of various equipment, machinery and lighting; with applications in different types of buildings, both commercial and industrial, electrical sub stations among others, offering great tangible benefits in maintenance interventions. It is frequently used in the energization of the connection and the main electrical structure of any project, observing shorter installation time and providing a final solution with remarkable technical advantages such as: lower voltage drops, possibilities of failures, fire risk and space requirements in comparison with traditional system executed with cables.


A flexible and robust system

This busbar system distributes energy and data over large surfaces and distributes electricity or feeds different loads. Their rigidity allows them to withstand high mechanical loads in compliance with current regulations.

It is manufactured by Zucchini for Legrand, under IEC 61439 standards, has international certifications Bureau Veritas, ISO 9001, providing a higher IP 65 rating than other busbar systems in the local market.

LBplus - distribution of lighting and low power

LBplus - distribution of lighting and low power

Legrand's electroduct system offers a flexible, safe and simple solution.

LB PLUS is the range of busbar for lighting and power distribution between 25 and 63A. Dedicated 10A, 16A and 25A connectors are used to create splices or supply power to different types of load. Capacities up to 5000A. 

  • Impact resistance rating IK 07
  • IP 55 protection rating

You can install it in places with reduced spaces, where the traditional wired system cannot be installed. Zero waste: the installation with the electroduct is 100% reusable.

MS range busbar

Minisbarre (MS) trunking

The ideal solution for distribution in small and medium industries thanks to its robust construction, compact dimensions and flexibility in design and installation.

The compact solution for medium power distribution: 63 A, 100 A and 160 A.
Its characteristics and the wide range of accessories and junction boxes available make the MS range the best choice for all medium power applications in the commercial sector.

The power will be distributed safely, with the best possible performance.

  •  Aluminium or copper conductors
  •  Conforming to standards EN 60439-1 and 2
  • IP 40 or IP 55 with joint or outlet covers
Medium rating (MR)

Medium rating (MR)

MR, the ideal solution for power distribution in industrial applications or commercial buildings such as banks, hospitals or hotels.

Aavailable in Feeder and plug in versions with capacities from 160A to 800A (tinned aluminum busbars) and from 250A to 1000A (electrolytic copper busbars with a minimum purity of 99.9%).

Plug-in junction boxes are available for applications from 16 to 1000A. Nominal currents of the MR line are referenced to an ambient temperature of 40°C for a higher level of performance, compared to the 35°C standard.

  • Galvanised aluminium alloy conductors
  • Conforming to standards EN 60439-1 and 2
  • IP 52 or IP 55 with protection and IK 10
  • Elements can be fitted with fire-retardant cable feedthroughs
Super compact (SCP)

Super compact (SCP)

The SCP line is widely used in different countries for the transportation and distribution of energy in large industries, refineries and large corporate buildings.

Power solutions for industrial and commercial applications from 630A to 6300A.

Protected compact busbar trunking with or without tap-off outlets:

  •   1 or 2 copper or aluminium busbars
  • IP 55
  • Galvanised sheet steel: Th. 1.5 mm
  • Excellent mechanical strength and good heat dissipation
  • Completely closed structure, ensuring total protection against direct contact
  • Compact dimensions to optimise cable management and use of the space available
busbar ducto barra

Sistema Ducto Barra

Se fabrican en instalaciones de producción de última generación, que incluyen una de las unidades de procesamiento de chapado de